Friday, April 09, 2010

What to Call These?

I'm still trying to get things ready for our upcoming trip to the Tri-Cities for the Spring Barrel Tasting. This has become a large family event each Spring and we usually do it up right. We decorate wine glasses with stickers, paint, crystals and our names for fun, but this year I decided to do something a little different. I made wine glass cozies....or whatever you want to call them. We usually walk from winery to winery in a couple of areas and I thought these might be fun to hang around our necks. We certainly won't lose them this way. So, what do we call them? I did a search and found some insulated wine glass koozie's but they didn't have the neck strap. There is also something called a wine glass necklace....not nearly as cute for almost $25.00 for 2 of them. So, I think I'll call them a wine glass cozy necklace. I'll let you know how they go over at our event. I may even make a few extra in case I have the opportunity to sell a few to some of the wine partakers.

Here is one with the wine glass model.

This one is my favorite so far.

So, if you were at a party, would you wear one of these?

Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh Em Gee! Too funny. I don't drink...but that one with the corset style ribbons is hilarious! LOVE it! Do the wine glasses tip over at all while they're around your neck. That'd be my concern. Of course, I assume you don't leave any wine in the glass when you hang it. lol You're so freaking clever!

  2. those are idea what to call them though :) Goblet grabber?

  3. I think they are cute, but I wouldn't wear it around my neck - more to carry it like a purse. :)

  4. What a fabulous idea!

  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I wouldn't wear one, but then again, I don't go to parties. They are super-cute though and had I had a little fun in my life by way of the parties, I might just sling one around my neck! I used to love red wine, but for some reason, my body metabolizes it strangly. I get sick as a dog after drinking just half a glass. Go figure. My husband says it has something to do with the tannins. Now we have a basement full of expensive wines that I can't drink anymore...and he won't drink them unless he has someone to share the bottle with :(

  6. I would so wear one!! We went on a wine tour a couple weeks ago and saw some ladies with something like this (not nearly as cute as these). We are doing another one in a couple of weeks and I am going to make us some.



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