Tuesday, August 26, 2008

At Summer's End

As the Summer is ending, and all the things I wanted to get completed weren't, I realize that I'm probably not the only one in this predicament. We have adopted a very cute dog, had our grandson and his mom out for a week vacation, set up jewelry and gem tree demonstrations at two shows and made it to the beach almost twice a month for a weekend. I really wanted to finish writing my book, garden a little more, remember birthday's better, walk the dogs each night, create new jewelry designs, update my web site and generally be more relaxed. Everything just got away from me this year, although I do plan on finishing the book this Labor Day weekend....it's still Summer, so maybe I can still do some of these things. Alright who am I kidding, we really didn't have a Summer here in the Pacific NW.

Now is the time to plan for Fall and Winter. So, I put on my list: update web site, create new jewelry designs, walk the dogs each night, remember birthday's better and relax more. Yes, I know those sound like my plans for the Summer, but since I really didn't complete them I have to add them back in plus add more. What that more is, I don't know yet, but I'm sure that it will be more than I can accomplish.

Here is a new picture of both dogs playing. I'm not sure where they get all their energy, but I wish I had some of it.


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