Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too Much Wine

I don't know, can you ever have too much wine? I think we tried this weekend. We've been tasting all kinds of wines in the Tri-Cities for Spring Barrel Tasting and now everything tastes the same. I think all we do is eat and drink on these weekends. Good thing we only do this once a year. My brother got a new smoker and cooked tri-tip roasts all day on it tomorrow and today we had some wonderful baby back ribs. OMG, tender and falling off the bones. If you don't like meat you wouldn't do well around my family.

We drove the motor home over (about 5 hours from our house) and parked in front of my brother's house. Just like being at home having your own rig to sleep in. The daughter came with us and promptly the first night here broke her big toe. Needless to say she didn't go out tasting with us yesterday. We did get her out today for a couple of winery tastings.....yes, she is still trying to catch up in her wine tastings back at the house. This picture was taken about 2 minutes ago and I just found out that one of the bottles she opened for dinner is now gone (only her and my brother are drinking wine at this point) and the current bottle only has about 1 glass left in it......humm maybe I should go get it.

These were a bit hit.
They are wine cozies I made and posted about HERE. I made them for everyone in our party about 12 plus made about 11 extra. After the first two wineries yesterday all my extras were gone (sold for $10.00 each) and my mother (little salesperson that she is) started passing out my business cards and telling them I'll make more and put them up for sale. So, now I guess I have to make more LOL. They were perfect for walking around to the wineries and having your hands free.

As you can see most of us have our wine glasses in the cozies around our neck. I'm kind of surprised at the comments we received from people yesterday....okay they were drunk happy people but they all seemed to like the little cozies. I do think you need the right atmosphere to be wearing one otherwise you may just look like a geek.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. We will be headed back home tomorrow morning, hopefully it will be good weather.


  1. Those cozies look perfect for wine tastings. They would probably also be beneficial for a cocktail party (especially if you talk with your hands a lot). I can think of lots of uses.

  2. No wonder she looked happy broken toe and all :)

  3. OMG this sounds like such a perfect family fun time! Your cozies are a great idea--I bet you could sell them at the wineries themselves! One of the great disappointments in my life is that I can not drink--it makes me sick. Friends and family have offered all sorts of advice, but since I am naturally kind of open and nuts, I guess alcohol is not a good mix. But I sure wish it was...

  4. Good for you! =) You're such a little sales gal.



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