Thursday, April 08, 2010

Creativity, Where to Find It..

I hear this all the time "Your so creative." So, what is creativity? Wikipedia says that Creativity is the mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts, fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. There is also no way to measure how much creativity someone has. So you may have just as much creative thoughts as I do, but in a different way. In life, there is creativity. Business, engineering, teaching, science, music, art and cooking these are all creative endeavors as well as designers.

So what becomes our inspiration for creative thinking? I take mine from my environment or those around me. Nature inspires me quite a bit as well as people watching. I think it is also having a degree of self confidence and knowing that it is okay to think outside the box and dream of new possibilities. Who cares what people think. Some ideas may be good and some may not, but you won't know until you try.

Let's try a little experiment. Take the color blue for example. What do you think of when you think of blue? I think of blueberries....humm I must be hungry. Okay, what can I do with blueberries that is different. How about pancakes? Not too creative, so how about a drink made with blueberries. Something using frozen blueberries, rum and pineapple juice. May require a little mixology, but it sounds different. My husband would say "Where is the recipe?" or "Oh, no not another one of your made up concoctions". But you know what, sometimes those made up concoctions are really good. I haven't lost anything but a few ingredients in trying.

Not convinced, okay let's go outside and pick up a leaf. What does this leaf remind you of? What could you do with this leaf? How about making your own wrapping paper. Take some brown paper that you would get to mail packages with, some paint, a brush and just go to town. Paint the leaf and press it on the paper. You could do this with all kinds of leaves. What would you do with the leaf?

Try a few things in the next couple of days. Even if you are the creative sort, sometimes we need a kick start to get the juices flowing again. Yesterday, mine was another blogger who created tissue holders. Now the idea of tissue holders isn't original, but I did have to figure out how to make them as I didn't have a pattern. That is creativity and we all have it.

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