Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative Blogger - Precious Willow

It's time again for a featured blogger and this week it is Phersmay from Precious Willow. This creative blogger friend is a Canadian Jewelry Maker. I love to look at other peoples jewelry and their creativity.  Phersmay is no exception. Her designs are unique, up to date and beautiful to look at. She also has a special in her Etsy shop until May 31st where she will give you a $25.00 gift certificate with each order. What a deal. I think everybody should take her up on that one. Here are a couple of examples of some earrings that I find especially beautiful.  

Feel free to visit Phersmay's blog and Etsy shop to find more wonderful items.


  1. Lovely write up on Phersmay!

  2. What pretty jewelry Phersmay has. Great post about her work.



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