Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Wrapped and Tabbed

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I posted here. Wow, it has been busy. I did post on my Art blog so you can always find me there if I'm not here. In fact, follow them both and then you'll find out everything that is going on in my artsy little world.

This week has been all about pendants. It started as a desire to create a tutorial for the newsletter of a gem and mineral club I belong to and has morphed. I found a picture of a Linda Larson pendant that doesn't use solder and thought that would be perfect for those not wanting to learn to solder or afraid of using a torch.

My first design was to just use 12 gauge wire and hammer the dickens out of it and then punch holes and use wire to sort of wire wrap the stone in place. Fun, fun, fun. I love hammering. So, I've now made several with a couple of different wrap designs and think I have a good handle on the tutorial part as I try to streamline the process.

My second design I just finished today and was inspired by one of Linda's pendants...you can view it HERE. It is a piece of copper sheet, cut and then tabbed to hold the cabachon. It's really my favorite but does take some time to cut, shape, file, hammer and fit the cab.

Well, I will be taking a break from working with wire tomorrow as we are headed to the beach for the day. Maybe I'll even remember to take my camera and get the dogs in action on the beach.


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