Monday, March 30, 2009

Paper Cuts

Our City Arts magazine featured local artist Nikki McClure in their January 2009 issue. Nikki is a self taught artist making calendars and illustrating children’s books for ten years. Her art is in using an X-Acto knife and paper, cutting images of everyday life. Nikki indicates in the interview that "My work is very much based in reality. I’m not one to draw my dreams or anything. Its kinda nature porn." I find inspiration in some of the simple images of trees, leaves and children. Art is everywhere and in all communities we only have to look for it. Find your inspiration and absorb art.

If you would like to read about Nikki and her rise from punk performer with Nirvana to artist and book illustrator, please visit her web site. I find the simple images reassuring.
My friend, we will call her J..., just loves crows and Nikki's work reminds me of her. This one's for you...caw. caw..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Have you noticed that when you go to the grocery store you only purchase your favorite brand and not the cheapest on some items? Let's take ice cream, now my favorite is Ben & Jerry's but occasionally I will purchase Haagen Daz but only the vanilla. With B&J, I purchase the Cherry Garcia, Cookie Dough, Chunky Monkey and Strawberry Cheesecake....okay not all at once unless they are the little single serving cups. Which by the way is a great way to limit your intake of ice cream if you like to over indulge. I will not buy the cheap stuff. If I'm going to have ice cream, I might as well splurge. Now this Imagine Whirled Peace flavor, I haven't tried it yet, and haven't even seen it in my stores here, but I might just give it a try.

Another thing I like to buy the name brand of it cereal. I won't buy the cereal in a bag even though it may taste just as good.. not sure why, but I really don't think anyone can make Cheerios other than Cheerios.

Next time you are grocery shopping take note of what you have in your shopping cart. Do you buy off brands or are they all name brand items. In this day and age of saving money, think about buying the store brand for some items and reserve the name brands for your favorite things like ice cream and cereal.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Senseless Entertainment

Have you ever noticed that the majority of movies shown on TV are really bad? We were sitting here spinning the channels on the TV waiting for Dancing with the Stars to come on and landed on some really odd movie with adults acting like college kids in some Animal House type remake. LOL what a bad movie. I'll be glad when the Dancing comes on...I'm still undecided as to who should be voted off tonight, but there are only a few good dancers that are standouts this season.

The most entertaining thing in our household is the dogs. They get to playing and wrestling with each other and it gets quite comical. You wouldn't think a Shitzu would play with a Spaniel, but they seem to have great fun.

Hopefully you have had an entertaining night. Cheers, Dana

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sometimes I have lots of thoughts and at times none. I feel like I have been in a fog the past week or so and can't seem to get out of it. My craft room is still a disorganized mess, web sites need to be worked on and updated....I really would like a new banner, but that may have to wait, and I have special jewelry orders piling up that I can't seem to get to since my craft room is a mess. Add to that my fascination with Face Book. Yes, I have succumbed to the lure of FB. What an odd yet wonderful thing the internet has given us. The ability to keep in touch with people that we haven't seen since high school, family members that live far away or even overseas and neighbors that live across the street. I'm still debating with myself on if I want that many people knowing what I am doing every day and yet here I am blogging and telling people my thoughts, dreams and confusions.

I read a blog today of a woman who blogs everyday. Nice thought to be able to do that and to have that many random thoughts that your friends would be interested in....I'm still figuring that one out, but I subscribed to her blog anyway as it was oddly comforting in it's ramblings. I have made a decision that weekday at noon I will update my blogs or at least two blogs, this one included. That along with my bowl of soup for lunch should clear my mind for the work that needs to be done in the afternoon. Sounds like a good plan. Thanks for reading.


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