Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Tutorial - Leather Necklaces

I didn't know what to call these necklaces, but they are both leather and one has knots. These are great for casual wear with jeans or dress them up a bit.

Necklace #1
Supplies you need for both necklaces:
Leather 1mm (necklace #1 = 38" and #2 = 54")
Beads with a hole large enough for the leather
Other beads to dangle (necklace #2)
Head pins (necklace #2)
Spring ring or Lobster claw clasp
4 - 4" strips of 22 gauge silver wire for both necklaces (I used sterling, but you could use whatever you have on hand)

Instructions for Necklace #1:
  1. Gather your supplies (leather, clasp, wire and beads)
  2. String your beads on the leather
  3. Loop leather, add your clasp and wrap with the wire on one end
  4. Finished clasp end
  5. Loop leather and wrap with the wire the other end
  6. Finished clasp
Necklace #2

Instructions for Necklace #2:

  1. Knot the center of your longest piece of leather (54") and add one bead on each side
  2. Made a wrapped loop crystal
  3. Add crystal to necklace and knot the leather (Continue adding large hole beads or beads that dangle and knotting the leather between each)
  4. When you have the length you desire (mine was 36") finish one side with the clasp as we did in Necklace #1
  5. Finish the other side with just a loop
  6. Finished necklace with dangles and beads
Here are the two necklaces finished.

Here are both of the necklaces doubled up to wear short. I did this with one of mine made the same way with silver and agate beads and received lots of compliments.

Have fun, use different colored leather, lampwork beads, crystals, pearls for whatever outfit you want to match. I wanted a couple that would go with anything so I just used the silver, clear crystal and a small black lampwork bead.


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  1. Thanks for this tutorial, Dana! It's easy and fun to whip up for sure. I will feature and link in a future blog post so others can come visit! Pearl



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