Friday, April 23, 2010

Jewelry or Make Up?

Today I had to get up and around to take hubby to the eye doctor. He needed to get his eyes dilated and didn't want to drive home afterward. So at 7 something I am rolling out of bed, fixing coffee, feeding the dogs and letting them out and then decided it was still too early and went back to bed. An hour later, I finally drag my butt up. Hubby was already up and thanked me for starting coffee LOL. So as I am drinking my coffee on the sofa I figure I have an hour before we have to leave...wrong, hubby informs me I have 45 minutes. Okay, that is doable, so I sit and check e-mail and get engrossed in reading and surfing. Next thing I know I have 15 minutes left. I throw some clothes on, fix my hair and put on all my jewelry. Now tell me why did I have to put on necklaces, earrings and bracelets on to run to the doctors office? (Notice those were plural) I didn't put any make up on, it was just to the doctor's office. I do find though that anytime I leave the house I have to have my jewelry on....most times no make up.

So how about you, do you leave the house without make up or jewelry on?

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  1. I hate admit this, but I can dash out with neither make-up or jewellery on. If I would have to choose between make-up and jewellery, I would put jewellery on with no make-up.
    I am sometimes lucky if I put a comb or brush through my hair. I do try to always brush my teeth after breakfast.
    If I had a "real" job to go to, I know that would probably make myself dress more carefully.
    Ironic isn't it? I'm writing a blog about jewellery, fashion and beauty and don't do that much for myself.

    Best wishes,



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