Monday, October 01, 2007

Teaching a Class

Yet another venture I find myself doing. I will be teaching a Fused Chain class to the gem and mineral club that I belong to later this month. I've taught beading and gemtrees at previous "Hands On" sessions, but this one requires quite a bit more outlay of expenses for supplies than the other two. I demonstrated the technique at the meeting last week and had three people sign up, so this is a good sign. I currently have enough tools for three students, but if more sign up at our next meeting then I've be out buying more micro torches and firing bricks.
I will be offering my fused chain designs for sale on my web site after the class, but for now they are being used as examples of what can be made by fusing fine silver wire. My hope is that the students will be able to make a couple of bracelets and earrings or a necklace. One ounce of the 16 guage silver will make a solid 24" necklace, so I guess it depends upon what they want to make. I personally like to make shorter 18"-20" necklaces that have pearls or gemstones in between the silver links....more necklaces or bracelets for the money.
I welcome any suggestions or ideas of upcoming jewelry trends. I'll be sure to post pictures and the results of my class at the end of the month.


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