Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot Jewelry for Spring 2008

I've been trying to wear some of my newer designs here at work, out to various functions and even on vacation and have found that fused fine silver link chain mixed with gemstones is getting quite the attention. Both my chain and chain with gemstones have received lots of compliments, so I am in the process of designing several for my web site and the salon consignment. Round and oval links have been and are still popular with everyone, so stay the course if you are into making this type of chain. I guess the only problem I see is using up all your very expensive silver in making chains that may not sell down the road, so try posting signs that you will do special orders.

Colors in clothing is all over the board, but the most exciting is all the blue, fushia and yellow. There are so many gemstones that will compliment these colors of clothing including several blue stones, which haven't been as popular in the most recent past years such as blue sapphire, aquamarine, and lapis. Bring those pieces back out to wear with this years fashions or create something new with beads you have in your stash.

Other hot jewelry pieces will be bracelets. Bright colors are dominating the scene in layers of large bangles or beads. Don't try to match up a necklace to these bracelets as they are meant to be worn in place of other jewelry pieces and steal the show. If you are a designer and are wondering what this means to you, try purchasing some large resin or lightweight colorful wood beads to create a large bracelet design.

Earrings have been and still will be the one item that customers want to match up to a necklace. I always create a pair of earrings to match any necklace especially if that necklace has some exotic gems or shapes that could not be found anywhere else.

I'm still not sure how the jewelry industry will be doing as a whole this year due to the slowdown in the market, but my year started out better than last year so I'm optimistic.

Happy Designs, Dana


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