Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year - New Marketing

I do have to admit that this was my best year for holiday sales. The salon has taken root and I now have those customers calling for special orders. Now I just have to get the web site creating those same sales figures for this year.

Marketing and design will be my goal this year. I have already created custom tags for each jewelry piece that identifies me, the web site, the materials that went into the item and the price. I've already received compliments on the design and idea, so I have a start. Another idea that I'm tossing around is the presentation and packaging. For the past couple of years, I've used mesh drawstring bags to package a sold item (necklace or bracelet). I did find a jewelry supply company that sells satin drawstring pouches for the same price if ordered in quantity, so I'll be trying these out. I'm hoping for strong sales in return customers due to an easily identifiable product and a packaging idea that goes beyond any of the other custom jewelry designers out there. It's almost like an added bonus when you purchase an item to get this wonderful drawstring bag that is perfect for storing the piece when not worn or for gift giving.

I've attached a picture of the whole packaging concept. Let me know your feedback and ideas and come visit my site as I have added some new items already this year.


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