Friday, June 12, 2009

Twitter me too, Tweets

I didn't realize how addictive Twitter could be....kind of like Facebook on steriods. Amazing people with all kinds of opinions.

I have found that those twitterers that only tweet about their products are kind of boring and I just unfollow after awhile. So, take note twitterers, do not self-promote all the time. I don't mind a few times a day, but if this is all you are doing....quit, I want to read your opinions and thoughts on current events or what interests you. Promote other artists or organizations that you support. Those I like.

I'm not on the get 2,000 followers in 10 days plan, but just gaining a steady 10-20 per day is fine with me. This allows me time to get to know the people I'm following a bit more. Usually I follow anybody who follows me unless they are marketing a product or themselves, use profanity or just don't have a clue.
I don't really have a favorite twitterer yet, but I do have several that I like to read and I do check out their links to other items or articles frequently. I'm still trying to learn the lingo, so if you are on twitter and want to follow me, I have a link and if you want to tweet this, go right ahead.

If you are new to Twitter and need some pointers...don't listen to me. Check out Susana Sheehan's blog Strands of Thought where she does go through a 10 day plan to get followers on Twitter.

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