Thursday, June 11, 2009

Featured Artist - TileSmile

Finding this week's featured artist wasn't hard...I looked and she was there. These great tiles made by Rachel at TileSmile are 3" x 3" and would make perfect gifts and they are inexpensive. She and the dog are not for sale, just the tiles. Here is what Rachael writes about her work and her life.

I'm a studio potter living in central Texas. I balance my abundant home life with work in my Weatherford Art Studio designing tile, wheel thrown and handbuilt pottery, and paintings of all the things I love. I have a bachelors degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas at Arlington and teach beginning wheel work part time. My design ideas develop slowly over the seasons and seem to spring from an abundant lifetime of experiences. The ones I most enjoy seeing come to fruition are joyously serendipitous. They are memories. They tell stories. They have meaning. And they ALL come from God.

The general focus of my work at the present time seems to be in the richness of words and all the joy they can convey to others. The tiles I make are like little messengers that I send out into the world to do their work.

My husband and I are living our dream. We bought a little piece of paradise in Weatherford Texas, and are currently working on an old house. The art studio was built first, and is now a productive work space. We are learning how to grow vegetables and hatch chickens, about coyotes and roadrunners and wild turkeys. About peaches and blackberries, persimmons, pears, and wild grapes. Lately, we've been learning about snakes in the henhouse.......yikes!.........but most of all, we are working hard and falling into bed each night happy and exhausted. This is what is reflected in my work.

Happiness and Peace of Spirit.Abundance.Grace.Check out my website for more information. and for what I'm doing now? YIPPEE!
Check out all of the tiles in TileSmile and I'm sure one of them will put a smile on your face.
Happy Thursday! Dana

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