Friday, June 19, 2009

Jewelry Line Updates - Wings of a Fairy

I've honestly been in a rut and have been trying to get my mind focused on creative energy to build my jewelry business. I have been inspired to create a couple of new categories within my jewelry line. I've worked on the first one more than the second at least concept wise, so here goes.

New line of jewelry items called "Wings of a Fairy". This will be a more inexpense option for those wanting fanciful jewelry to wear on special occassions or just for play. I'm also going to include some fanciful gem trees in this line. I'm sure that it will appeal to a younger audience teens to 30 year olds vs. old me, although my mother loved one of the rings I made and actually took my prototype booklet that will be shipped with each piece sold. Umm, so I may be wrong, but we will see. Here is what the first part of the booklet will look like. I'm still debating on the cover image, but this is one of the options.

Wings of a Fairy

The Fairy Wings line of jewelry and gem trees was inspired by the magical qualities found in all of us. We seek to have an air of mystery and can be a little mischievous. We are strong and independent in nature and love in abundance. Enter the realm of fairies when wearing your jewelry or by placing your fairy tree in your home and know that you now may be able to control the elements of the universe if not your destiny.

Fairies are mythological beings bestowed with magical powers. Usually, they have the appearance of humans. Their real characteristics can change depending upon the tales told about them.

Although in modern culture they are known as small creatures, they were depicted as tall, radiant and angelic beings.

According to their origin in folklore, they were elemental beings of the earth, air, fire and water. Each one of them has a particular power in nature.

The booklet goes on to detail out the different types of fairies and where to buy. If you are wondering what this jewelry looks like....stay tuned for tomorrow folks as we will have pictures and I will describe my other new jewelry line.

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