Thursday, June 04, 2009

Featured Artist - Jan Finnell

I'm fascinated with the art of altering items and images into something different than what they were originally intended. I’ve made a few pieces of jewelry using the technique of creating a collage of sorts between glass in a pendant, but haven’t tried all the other various ways and objects to alter.

There would be almost an unlimited number of items you could alter. Some of the items that I have found recently besides my little pendants are keys, watches or timepieces, photos, altoids tins or any other candy tin, boxes, cigar boxes, shadow boxes, eggs (usually referred to as egg artistry), bottle caps, photos/paint + images on canvas and books.

One of these art forms is called Steampunk, yes they have their own art name. They use watch parts, brass and anything else metal, Victorian and eclectic, but all items seem to have a common theme of gears or watch parts. I’m fascinated by all the different items that can be found and some of them so simple. Jan Finnell is one such artist that makes it all look somewhat poetic and most wearable…okay, not too sure about the bottlecap necklace, but everything else I would wear. Her items don't seem to be quite as masculine as other steampunk artists...maybe that's why I like her jewelry items. Visit her over at her 1000 Markets site to see her collection of items for sale or check out her blog.

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  1. Thank you so much, Dana, for this unexpected and lovely blog feature! You just made my day and I'm happy that you found me on 1000 Markets. Your jewelry designs are wonderful and your blog is so varied and fun! :)



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