Friday, June 26, 2009

The Countdown Begins - Part 2

In my previous post I provided a little background on my pending job status. Find that post here if you would like to read what is leading up to this post.

What will I do next is the question? I will be watching my nephew for 3 weeks in July as well as keep up with my numerous blogs, I have three web sites that I sell my jewelry and gem trees on and one web site that is a gallery of my work that really needs to be updated. You can find those links on the left side of the screen. My Gem Tree Sculptures book is soon to be printed, the proof has been received and approved, so I will have all that marketing to do. I have upcoming gem and mineral shows this Summer and Fall that I will be demonstrating and selling at as well as teaching gem tree design. All in all, I will be very busy with getting ready for the shows, designing new jewelry and gem trees and marketing my book that I’m not sure how I would have fit a full time job in there.

I have no clue about marketing, but am trying to learn fast and reading a lot of good blogs on marketing yourself and book. I’ve gotten a quote for postcards and business cards that have the image of the book on one side and places to purchase on the other as well as my contact info. I’ve identified bead and rock shops in the area that might be willing to take the book on consignment. One of those bead shops I’m hoping will consider hosting a few of my classes. I have my list of gem and mineral clubs in the Northwest that I will be sending a postcard to as well as posting it on their newsletter. I’m attending a National show in Montana at the end of July where I hope I will have copies of my book available for sale and can host a book signing. I’ve already gotten approval of the show chairman to teach a couple of classes there. I have my short list of lapidary vendors that are willing to take the book on consignment and sell at the shows they attend and obviously if I am there, I will autograph a few.

Speaking of that National show in Montana, I will also be competing for my "Masters" designation in Gem Tree design and I still have two trees to make for that competition as well as getting my case ready. My trees last year were noted as being "Master" quality, but my showmanship (case and labeling) was not up to "Master" level. I did obtain the "Advanced" status that I was competing for. This year I have to do well in the case structure and labeling. The judging is very picky about these things and I usually put more emphasis on the trees themselves so I have to switch my efforts and get it right this time.

Now aren’t you glad you asked the question?

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