Monday, June 29, 2009

Make a Hemp Knotted Necklace

I haven't tried to do macrame in such a long time. I remember when my mother used to make the hanging planter holders and all that was popular in the 70's. This style of choker or bracelet has been popular again for quite awhile again with the younger generation, yes, teens, twenty something, so I thought I would post this link here for all to enjoy and remember the old days..ha. and maybe make one for their grand-daughter, daughter or even themself.

Here is the link to Azerael's Squidoo Lens.

If you make one of these, send me a picture and I'll post it for all to enjoy. I may have to go on the lookout for a simple tutorial design that can be made for men/boys.

Look for new songs tomorrow on my post (yes, I have watched Sleepless in Seattle again) and an update on Wednesday with a new recipe and status on how the diet is going. I did make a few new jewelry items this past week and weekend, but unfortunately was busy Saturday and Sunday and didn't get anything posted, so don't be surprised if you find an extra post here and there this week so I can get it all out of my system.

If you really like how to's, be sure to check out my crafty news blog where I feature lots of tutorials on everything from paper crafts to crochet.

Until then, have a great Monday!

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