Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - Dreams

Sometimes we just need to dream a little. What's your dream? Where are your dreams taking you? Since this blog is titled Doodles and Dreams I felt it was appropriate to talk about my dreams and yours. You get to read my random thoughts daily and they are pretty random. Sometimes I'm in the mood for music and sometimes a little food and other days I just like to ramble a bit. My goal not my dream was to blog every day and so far this month I'm doing pretty good. It is a bit of work, but I find I love it. I even started two new blogs, one on antique and collectibles and the other is on crafting. I've added the links to the list if you want to check those out.

So think about your dreams and where you want them to take you. Sit back listen to the new mix for the week and plan your dreams.

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