Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Special

Today's blog is all about my day yesterday. I worked from home half a day waiting on the oven repair man...yes, my oven was acting up, but nothing dramatic that a service call couldn't handle. Then yesterday afternoon my work associates and I took the afternoon off (in celebration of myself and two other gals who are being laid off) and went to the Conservatory at our local park and then down to the waterfront. Oh and then we went to one of the downtown restaurants and had drinks and half price appetizers. What a way to go. So I am including some of my favorite pics from the outing. My last day there isn't until 6/30, but the other two gals are next week and the first of June.

Most of the pictures are from the park and Conservatory, but there is one of a squirrel. I can't resist taking pictures of wild creatures that appear tame. All the squirrels in this park were coming right up to people as I'm sure they are used to being fed. It was a beautiful day as you can see and we all enjoyed the outing and drinks afterward. Thanks to all those that came out to wish us well in our future endeavors.

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