Saturday, May 09, 2009

New Jewelry Item for the Week

One of the markets I belong to on 1000 Markets (Jewelry Artisans' Marketplace) is hosting a challenge this month on "Grandmothers Jewelry Box" where we create a piece of jewelry that our grandmother would have worn. My grandmother on my mom's side was a jewelry maven. I loved to play with all her trinkets, beads, bracelets and clip earrings. One of my favorite pieces she had when I was a teenager was a turquoise and heishi bead choker....not your typical grandmother piece of jewelry, but she wasn't your typical grandmother. I remember she bought me hot pink velvet hot pants (remember the 70's) when I was 12. I think my mom was horrified, but I loved them.

Here is a piece that I created in remembrance of her. This is a style typical of the 60's when Jackie O. was in the White House with her famous pearls. This piece is made of turquoise with sterling silver beads from a vintage necklace. With the way my grandmother loved beads, she would have worn this to church instead of pearls.

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