Friday, May 29, 2009

Ready for anything

I know a lot of you read my posts and are thinking when is she ever going to tell us what she is doing....well that is today. My list of things I'll be doing this year.

  • Marketing my "Gem Tree Sculpture" book (due out next week)
  • Volunteering at the PVGMC annual show in the kitchen for 4 days June 4-7
  • Working at the antique mall on our booth 1 day a week
  • Watching my 11 yo nephew for 3 weeks starting July 6th (zoo, NW Trek, Mt. Rainier, Westport, Pacific Science Center) are a few things on the list for that time.
  • July 25-26 Tenino Rock Show, demonstrate gem trees and jewelry design
  • July 30- Aug 2 NFMS/AFMS rock show in Billings, MT to compete for my Masters in Gem Tree Design and to teach a couple of gem tree classes
  • Aug 15-16 Yelm rock show, demonstrate gem trees and jewelry design
  • Sept Western WA State Fair - volunteer at our gem club hobby booth for a couple of days
  • Sept 19-20 Castlerock rock show, demonstrate gem trees and jewelry design
  • Oct 9-11 Shelton rock show, not sure what I'll be doing yet as this is a new show
  • Nov 13-15 Opal show, demonstrate gem trees and jewelry design
  • Nov 13 Craft show at Russell Investments
  • Dec 9-10 Craft show at the VA Hospital in Seattle, WA
All of this plus lots of other things I just haven't planned yet, like an open house for my jewelry designs.....another gem tree workshop or two this Fall, more blogging, tweeting and creating jewelry....oh and did I mention that I still have 3 gem trees to make for my competition in July along with getting my display case perfected.

I may have to schedule some time with my husband...LOL.

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