Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whew, Glad That is Over

Just finished up a 3 day show at the Puyallup Fair Grounds. My fingers are now tired of making gem trees but I did get a few done for a special order that needs to be mailed after the first of the year. This was a good time to get started on them with the holiday's fast approaching. I sold several books to folks wanting to make trees for holiday gifts which is a great idea. The picture above is just a portion of my table. By the time we started packing up we had a full forest of colorful trees. I should probably list some for sale on my Etsy or ArtFire studio in case someone wants one for a gift but does not want to make one.

Today was Create Day 14...I'm really not having any trouble creating every day especially when I do demonstrations or teach. This week we will be getting ready for an upcoming trip so not sure how much creating I'll be able to do....humm might be a good time to start writing again on the book, that qualifies.

I do have a question for all you crafty people out there. Do you craft or take your art with you when you travel? If you do, how and what do you take?

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  1. I always take something along to work on. We do trips in our street rods to various shows and there is usually some down time in the hotel room! I have a variety of cases that I take. Lately, it has been some sort of jewelry/beading. I have been known to take along a portable printer and scrapbook material and scrapbook the trip as we go and be almost finished with it when we get home!



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