Sunday, November 07, 2010

Picture Tutorial - Wrapped Beach Glass

If you were wondering how I made those beach glass pendant/charms, here is a picture tutorial. The wire I used was 24 gauge silver craft wire (copper core) or you could just use 24 gauge copper wire. It is best if you are using soft wire.

I used 2 pieces cut to 12" each and wrapped them side by side for a double wrap. Every piece of my beach glass turns out differently depending upon the glass. A simple wrapped loop at the top (short wires were cut off flush with the wraps and tucked in) longer wires were wrapped around to the back and secured.

My advise is don't make this harder than it is. You could probably wrap a piece of pottery shard or a tumbled stone the same way. Humm, maybe I'll try the stones as we have quite a few.

This was Create Day 7 and I did make more charms for my charm swap along with making this funky picture frame wire structure to hang charms from. I think I'll paint the back board cream or white or maybe glue paper to it.

Have a good evening.


  1. Love that wonderful charm filled framed picture! Cool.

  2. Another great way to display charms!

  3. I love the tree in the upper corner! What a beautiful touch. I'm thinking maybe I should add one to my framed charm display.

  4. My goodness, I love this idea what a way to put a smile on your face when you pass by this display. Your pieces are awesome and so is the display a real pice of art.



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