Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art Charms All Finished

Finally finished up all my art charms for the swap I'm in this month. The theme was Blue, Silver, White/Clear. This wasn't too hard for me but I did sign up to do 2 sets like a dummy, so instead of only having to do 36 charms I did almost 80. That was quite an undertaking especially since I decided to use what I already had or could find around the house in found objects.

There are a couple that I really love, one is the crystal ladder charm and the other is the bullet charm. I had some steel bullet casings that I cleaned the primer out of and they worked perfectly. The crystal ladder charm is one of my own can find the tutorial HERE.

Today I created all the tags and tied them to each charm so that the person receiving them will know who made it.

Some of the other found objects I used were some old sales tax tokens from Washington State and some Transit token. I used what I had and I like them so well I ordered more from Ebay so that I would have more to use in a future swap. Other objects came out of my sewing box like safety pins, buttons and snaps. The snaps were fun to work with and they already have holes in them for the jump rings or to dangle other beads.
Another unusual piece I used was a glass fuse that I wrapped wire around (you can just see it in the basket). I played with wire creating my sun wrap, crystal ladder and butterfly as well as wire wrapping some beach glass.

This was a learning experience for me to not go out and just buy all the supplies I would need and instead reuse and re-purpose. That seems to be the new mantra these days. I know that my mother would probably say that is the way they used to make things and we are now just coming back around full circle.

Today was create day #18. Are you still creating?

BTW if you are interested in joining an Art Charm group to learn and swap charms here is the link to the one I belong to on Yahoo Groups.


  1. Ooooh, Dana, I can't wait to see these in person!!! They all look gorgeous! xoxo, c

  2. Great stuff! Love the presentation too.



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