Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playing with Customer Special Orders

I've been playing with beads the past couple of days and have sent pictures of sample necklaces, earrings and pendants to customers for decisions. I have fun creating for others and I go through different design processes depending upon what the request is for. In this picture the customer asked for the Prehnite beads strung with a pendant in the middle...it was the pendant I was having trouble with, so I found a couple set in sterling silver and then I had some tumbled stones that I could wire wrap in gold.

In this case the customer chose one of the loose stones for me to wire wrap in gold. I also always provide an estimate of what the piece would cost.

Here is sample of earrings for another customer. She had already chosen the ear ring studs and had indicated she wanted grey or silvery pearls.

The choice now was what color of silver pearls and whether she wants them long or short. I'm sure she will get back to me tomorrow. I actually prefer the longer set with the two tones of grey.

This next set was an example of what type of necklaces and how many could be made with some left over beads. I'm sure that we will be lots of back and forth on this one still to come.

Sometimes I'll do a sketch but most of the time I like to actually make a sample of what the necklace or earrings would look like using dummy wire or extra stringing wire and then picture it and sent it to the customer for their opinion.

So, do you create special orders for customers? How do you communicate choices?

This was Create Every Day #16, are you still creating?

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  1. Still creating! But not much computer time lately. Posted on my blog yesterday and looking forward to seeing what others have been up to. Love your jewelry and trees posted Dana! Yay for Create Every Day!



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