Thursday, November 04, 2010

Calmness Created

My goal today was to clean and organize my craft room. I was just feeling stifled in there with the mess. When I get into a project, everything comes out and ends up on the floor, on the table top and sometimes hanging from the cabinet handles. It didn't help that I had been working on several projects at once. Most of the table top was cleaned off, boxes on the floor are more organized even though they are still on the floor...must get those in the cabinet tomorrow, all the stray bits of fabric, paper and wire have been thrown away and most importantly the glue and paint have been scraped and cleaned off my table top (I even had to clean some paint off my sewing machine...don't know how that got there). I feel so much better that I actually was able to get some pictures taken of the art charms I received from the previous swap and make some bullet charms.

Here is my wire tree with all the art charms. Amazing when you see them all together.

Now....drum roll please.......the bullet charms. This was my first attempt and they are so addictive. I had made 10 in no time flat. Problem with these silver tone ones is they don't have the same chime as the brass.

I need to redo the one with the crystal on top as the plastic is too large and detracts from the piece, so I'll remove it and put it all back together. Maybe I'll continue going through the stash to find some that tinkle instead of going thud when the bead in the middle hits the casing.

To close out the day here is Buddy on his new Snuggie pillow with his toy.

Have a good night all.


  1. WOW, your tree is incredible! Really beautiful. Hope you posted it for our ArtCharmers to see! They will all be jealous :)

  2. DANA!!! (can you hear me yelling from Olympia?) OMG, the tree simply rocks - wasn't quite sure what to expect, and I figured it'd be great, but I broke out into a huge smile when I saw it. Props to you, Girl, for being so creative! (And I love what you did with the bullet charms re: the crystal on top!)

  3. I LOVE your tree!! Perfect for our charms!! Your bullet charms are pretty cool too and Buddy and cutie pie :)

  4. Dana, I love the tree. What a great way to show off the charms. You can see each one clearly that way!



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