Friday, February 05, 2010

My Legs Hurt

Why? We are in Vegas and walking everywhere, hence the feet, shins, legs all hurt and it is only day two. I think tomorrow we are staying closer to our hotel and not venturing out so far, but Vegas is amazing. The people, buildings, lights, it is a lot to take in. The hubby is flat on his back and watching TV...I had Project Runway on and he isn't even complaining, he must be really tired. I've gotten a few good looks at some of the jewelry in the high end stores here and some of it is just amazing. There was this Ruby necklace at one of the stores in the Bellagio that was to die for, hubby said I could have that or a new house....Yea, hard choice. LOL. This is one of my favorite night time shots we took last night. It's hard to get good night time shots with a little point and shoot camera.

For those interested my arm has ceased to hurt. It is either the fact that my legs hurt so bad that the arm can't compete... ha ha or the Copper is working. I know what some of you will say.  Have a great day.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha Copper. :)

    I LOVE VEGAS!!! I want to go so bad but can't go. :( My mom and I were going to go this year but since I won't have a salary for awhile it's not the right time. So I'm VERY jealous.

    And that photo is incredible!



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