Monday, February 15, 2010

And We're Off...

Off to Arizona that is. Hubby bought a motorhome on Ebay. I always wondered who would buy such expensive things like boats, houses, cars, RV's on Ebay without even seeing it and now I is us. Wow, I sure hope it runs. It is a used 1997 Foretravel, 36'. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of it once we get on the road tomorrow evening. Now we did see pictures of it, but you know how some pictures can be deceiving, so we shall see. Wish us luck. It will take us about 3 days travel to get it back home if hubby we drive 8 hours a day. Here is the picture of the outside that was posted by the dealer.
Yes, I know it looks like a bus and I haven't driven a bus before, but does a Suburban qualify?

In other news, I sewed all day yesterday and now I'm sewn out. New things I made were to re-purpose some material to create passport covers, yes my own bad design, but since we wanted them for this trip, I didn't make them too fancy. Hubby's is the denim made from old jean shorts that didn't fit and mine was from fabric scraps left over from all the drawstring pouches.
My other little experiment came to me when I was trying to sleep the other night. I have tons of vintage hankies and some of them aren't really good for much as they are stained and have holes, so I thought why couldn't I make some drawstring pouches with them. So here is my first attempt. It didn't turn out too bad, but next time I will reinforce between the layers with interfacing or quilt batting. I'll have to test both out to see what works best.
This was so easy as the ends are already finished on the hankies so all you have to do is create the casing for the drawstring.

I'm still working on putting together my February newsletter, but it looks like it won't be out until next week, so you still have time to sign up.

February Giveaway...I haven't forgotten and that will have to be next week also, but I have a huge selection of Copper jewelry that I've made that will all go to one lucky person.

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  1. Are you selling your jewellery pouches in your Etsy shop?
    Do you have a tutorial?
    I am really excited about your bags and pouches,



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