Monday, February 08, 2010

A Day for the Dogs

Today the dogs got to go to the spa. They had the full treatment, bath, clipped, teeth brushed, nails filed, the works. Now they are all clean and full of energy. The little one is asserting his dominance, while the spaniel is stealing all the chew bones. I guess we are back to normal. We sure did miss them while we were on vacation. I'm told they were perfect angels while at grandpa's house for the week. It's hard to be away from them for too long, but it looks like we will be again next month when we go to Napa. Buddy the spaniel wasn't too happy that I was taking his picture while he had a chew bone....he didn't even want to look at me for fear I would take it away from him....well it was Leo's bone. Oh and don't you just love the 70's vintage gold carpet. We have yet to remodel our house. That's next on the list.

I just ran across a Creative Blogger friend Marsha's Etsy shop and blog Spinal Fusion. What cool earrings.
I love the funky disk ones in the middle. Check out her Etsy shop for all kinds of goodies at reasonable prices.

Hope you had a good Monday.  Cheers, Dana

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  1. On Feb. 2 you did a tutorial on a ring. Do you have one for sale? I can not get it out of my mind. :D



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