Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Traveling Tuesday to Montana

We left this morning at 5:30 AM for Montana. Our first night we are staying in Butte and then the remainder of the week we will be in Billings for the AFMS/NFMS Gem and Mineral Show.

Odd weather from 90's to 70's here in Butte and raining. We did make a little pit stop just before reaching Missoula and found a stream bed and took Buddy our spaniel for a little swim. The water was a little swift so we kept him on a leash, but he loved it just the same. Now both dogs are tuckered out and fast asleep with one on the bed and the other at my feet. I think it will be an early night for us as well.

I'll keep you posted as we continue our travels and how the show turns out. If you live in the Billings area and want to see a great show, come to the Holiday Inn Trade Center this weekend. Oh and if you want to learn how to make a gem tree, I'll be giving workshops Friday-Sunday, just ask at registration.

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