Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF - You Gotta Love This Day

I know everybody loves when Friday comes along and their work week stops and the weekend begins, but what about those that work on the weekends and those that don't work at all? How does that affect their Friday? Do they see it the same way?

I personally love Friday's and I'm sure it has to do with being in the Corporate world for so long and working that 8-5 job M-F. Now that I'm not working at that job full time, still can't get over the feeling of a week completed and fun to start on the weekend. I'm sure it will be different at retirement when both my husband and I are off all days....then everyday is a weekend day..or at least that's what I'm hoping.

Right now it's keeping an 11 yo entertained during the day and this morning it is a Harry Potter movie and popcorn. Yes, I know it is early for popcorn, but hey it is fiber and really not that bad for him. So far it's been pretty easy with him, we paint, take the dogs for walks or he rides his bike, grocery shop, take my mother in law to the doctor, plays the Wii or watches movies.

This morning I promised him we would go to the bookstore and then to Red Robin for hamburgers, so something else to look forward to.

I have a feeling I'll have to do some special things with him every once in a while since we will be spending quite a bit of time taking my mother in law to doctor appointments. He's pretty good as long as there is a TV or he has his book.

So for now, I will continue to love Fridays as the end of a week and the start of the weekend since there will be no 11 yo to watch or doctor appointments on the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!

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