Sunday, July 12, 2009

Inspiration Sunday

Well I was inspired last night to make a couple of necklaces while my husband and son watched a shoot em up movie. So the pictures are those necklaces...for some reason I'm really into neutral colors right now hence the fossilized coral and smokey quartz.

Another item on our agenda this weekend to get completed was to dig our competition display case out of the garage and set it up so that I could get the liners completed before we go to Montana at the end of the month for my gem tree competition. See pic of hubby setting it up. I'll take another pic later of the process of setting up a competition display.

(Please excuse the messy desk)
Hopefully you all have accomplished all your chores for the weekend or just had a great relaxing time.

Come back tomorrow when I'll share a new tutorial on a hot new fashion trend.

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