Thursday, July 16, 2009

Featured Artist - Get Personal Art

I'm always on the look out for new and exciting designs especially in jewelry. Sadly, I don't have the equipment to create such wonderful works of art that Alysia creates with her laser cut acrylic. She has some amazing items in her 1000 markets shop HERE. Check it out. I love her city skylines, but of those pictured here the fish are my favorite.

Here is a little bit about Alysia and the art she creates:

I have been hand etching on monuments and memorials for over 15 years. Working on monuments has been rewarding on many levels. Recently I bought a laser system to laser etch portraits on granite tiles to be installed into monuments. Once I learned the computer design program and how to operate the laser, I came up with the jewelry. I had the love for jewelry, but lacked the money for it with the new laser payments. So I decided to make it myself. The items in the above photos are a few things I have created, pencil portraits, glass sandblasting with glue chipping, hand etching on granite, and laser on acrylic. (The dogs are hand etched.)

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