Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Special Orders up the Kazu

Now mind you I'm not complaining but wow. I'm still back logged. I finished 3 bracelet and earring sets today and still have 4 trees left to finish and then more tree orders to start another bracelet and earring set and a large piece of turquoise to wire wrap. How did this happen...oh yea, we were working on the house and I completely ignored those requests until I just had to get them done. Note to not wait until the last minute to get special orders completed.

These did turn out quite well if I say so myself.

There were two sets like the first photo which has blue topaz, blue sapphires, freshwater pearls, lapis and coral. The second set contains mostly turquoise, apatite and tiger eye and I actually think it is my favorite. Can you imagine this with a gold chain bracelet...I just love turquoise and gold together.

Well tomorrow is my birthday and I have no idea of what to do. And no you can not ask how old I'm going to be although I'm sure some of my friends and family that read this post know. I will tell you it is a milestone birthday, but then again aren't they all.

Have a good one.

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