Monday, August 09, 2010

The Look for Less or is it More

I received my Lucky Magazine in the mail today and usually I find some pretty interesting jewelry to get inspiration from but not this time, so I decided to see what the top designers were selling this season. Okay, you have to be kidding. What did I find but junk. Resin made to look like turquoise, gold plated and silver plated chain, cords, ribbon, fake gemstones and all starting at over $100.00. There was one piece that was $600 and there was nothing real on it, just some cording at the back, plated chains and brass charms hanging from the chains....what is that about. Are these designers so high on themselves and their names that they have to stick it to the public who may or may not be aware that they could get that same look with real sterling silver,leather and real gemstones for a drop in the bucket compared to what they are charging.

So, I decide to look at bracelets...okay they were not better and in some cases worse as the price was just as high or higher for crap. There was one designer bracelet that I really liked, he used leather and stones to create a wrap around bracelet the had knots that you tighten to secure. Hummm, not sure I like that but you really couldn't expect a real clasp for over $200 dollars now could you?

Here is my Look for Less on both of the bracelet that was priced at over $200 and the necklace at $400. Granted this is my interpretation but they look just as good if not better than the designer version.

The necklace very easy to make with leather and sterling silver chains. I added a rough handmade tassel and used a black onyx box clasp with a crystal and pearl charm drop. The bracelet however was harder than I thought it was going to be...okay, not harder but took longer to make but turned out great. I used Czech crystals and a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Have a great week and I'll keep tabs on those designers and maybe I'll find more inspiration to bring you along with maybe a tutorial.


  1. Its look nice, I hope to see more from your end and well design of a jewelry.

  2. Hey Dana - you won the necklace! Yayyyy! Email me at with your snail mail address so I can send it to you!

    BTW -LOVE your gem trees!


  3. I went though a catalog not long ago and found the same thing. A friend and I found ourselves laughing at the ridiculous price tags. Why pay for something you can make yourself for a fraction of the cost?
    I love the pieces you 'recreated' with your own twist. Beautiful and very delicate!



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