Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Much to Do

and so little time. The day has come when my dad gets here. We have been remodeling my MIL's house for the past couple of months getting it ready for him to move here (she passed away this past Summer). Well that day has arrived. He gets in around that house isn't completely ready but it is liveable, new bathroom, updated kitchen, fresh paint all around and a new front on the fireplace. We will be leaving here shortly to go put some final touches on it and move furniture around. It is fully furnished as he is just flying here with his personal clothes. He sold his car and furniture and most of his belongings. I'm sure this was a hard thing for a 73 year old man to do giving up all his personal items, but this is a fresh start for him and that is how he is seeing it. So my brother and I are very glad he will be close by.

So along with getting the house ready for dad, I have a craft show I'm not ready and a gem and mineral show this weekend. At least at the gem and mineral show I demonstrate and can work on making things as well as selling. I will be selling my book at both of them so I'll let you know which venue was better. I usually do well at gem and mineral shows since the book is right up their alley... you know how to make a gem tree, but I have high hopes that the folks at the craft show will want to make their own tree and will buy the book.

Okay, that's all I have time for today. Pictures of the finished house and my show will be posted soon. Have a good day.

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