Monday, November 23, 2009

Off to Neverland

I just love looking at fantasy prints and jewelry. It just takes me back to my childhood and reading fairy tale books and playing dress up. I can't really call the jewelry I make fantasy when you compare it to those items I have pictured which is why I find these items so fascinating.  Sometimes I just want to go off in my dream world and find that fantasy. All these items can be found at 1000 Markets in the Magical Talents market.

Ethereal Dream - Art Print by Ethereal Art
DRYAD NECKLACE in Sterling, and Gems by Sacred Sparks
Autumn Flame Amethyst & Copper Tiara Circlet Crown by Thyme2dream
Nevermore - 5x5 Fine Art Square Crow Print  by Zenbreeze Art Gallery

In other news, Alterity Button Jewelry & Gifts is hosting a giveaway for me. Along with finding out a little bit more about me, you can enter the giveaway and since you may already be a fan or follower...even more simple for you.  I will be giving away a pair of earrings. It will start on Tuesday which is tomorrow, but feel free to head on over to her blog and read a bit. The earrings will be similiar to those pictured below. As most of you know these are my signature charm earrings and are made to order, so you get to choose from 14 kt gold filled or sterling silver ear wires and a color choice for the charms.

Enjoy and have a great week.

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