Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Playing with Wire, or is it Fire?

Do you ever just an idea but can't figure out how to make it into something? Well that was me yesterday. I went into my studio/craft room and decided to just play for a bit with no pressure to make anything. Low and behold, I was able to do a couple of new things with wire. This first is a spin-off from my Crystal Ladder Pendant and is a Lark's Head knot. To do it in leather, string or ribbon is one thing but to do it in wire.... oh my !!! Fingers hurt. I did come up with a trick... probably not new to those of you that love to work with wire, but you heat your wire with a torch until it turns red, quench it in water and start looping. If the wire gets too stiff again, just heat it again.

Once you are finished, if you don't like the antiqued look of the fire scale then you can put your piece in pickle and then polish for that bright shiny look again.

This piece was made using 14 gauge copper which makes it a heavier piece. I've decided I like the curled ends versus those that have the small balls. I even made a pair of earrings using 18 gauge wire. Lots of fun once you get the hang of it.

Now these are probably going to be my favorite earrings and and I'll just have to make me a pair in silver.

These head pins were made using 18 gauge wire and I love the effect of the simple knot on the end. I may have to wear these tonight.

I've also been working on some art charms for a swap. I previously showed you some of my wooden "Z"s that I was tangling on well these are mini bottle caps that I inserted a small piece of an original Zentangle. These were a lot of fun. I still have a couple more wooden pieces left to complete to finish out my set.

I hope everyone is having a great week. 

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  1. Dana, the posts of your flower head pens are great loved them. The necklace seems lovely, but I cant see enough of it. I like the earrings a lot and the way you knotted the ends is absolutely fabulous. You are doing great stuff here, Keep it up.



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