Thursday, March 08, 2012

Flower Headpins

I saw a post a couple of weeks ago from another blogger, Joanne Tinley, who had made these fantastic poppy headpins. I really wanted to do something similar but not exactly and started playing today. If you want to see her wonderful headpins you can check out her Etsy shop called Daisychain Extra where she sells all kinds of handmade findings or she has a great blog you might want to read called Daisychain Jewellery.

So, here are my little headpins. These are quite a bit of work with all the soldering, cleaning, antiquing and then polishing but I think they will make some really cute earrings or maybe I'll put several of them together and make a fun ring. Who knows. What would you do with them?

Are we having fun yet?


  1. Love these! I think they would make wonderful earrings, too.

  2. I would make them into the focal of a necklace, you could also use SS wire to make the links. They are really neat.

  3. What would I do with them? Well, I would use them to make charms with buttons and beads for a cool charm bracelet....intermixed with plain head pins, of course! So cool!

  4. These designs are adorable. I like this



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