Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Private Teaching

As some of you know I teach at Shipwreck Beads in Lacey, WA gem tree design, well as DH and I were supposed to be in Arizona for Jan.-Mar. I didn't schedule any classes until April. Unfortunately, when DH had his surgery and complications that put the cabaush on leaving which left me lots of time. So what's a person to do, well if you are asked you teach private lessons. I really didn't think I would ever teach privately in other people's homes but it has been a rewarding experience for them and me. They get 1 on 1 teaching and I get more time to discover who they are and their goals.

What did I teach? Well gem trees for one and the other was a request for wire wrap techniques. I teach gem trees all the time so this wasn't a problem but I have never taught any of my wire wrap. So I made up a few samples to figure out all the supplies needed. Normally when I do a wire wrap cabachon like this one,
I use square wire and half round wire but knowing my student to be a beginner, she wouldn't have square wire so I had to improvise and use round. Not my favorite as it doesn't lay against the stone well but it is what it is, Here are the samples that I taught that day.

She really wanted to learn how to wrap crystal pointers but to get to that point you need to have more of the basics down so we did several different stones including beads. The abalone with crystals is my favorite along with the coil wrapped bottle, humm okay I like the beach glass wrap also. Well they are all so different but once you have the process down, you can wrap just about anything.

She did a great job on all her pieces except her first try and that was fully expected. I imagine she has now taken that one apart and re-wrapped it by now with her new found skills.

If you are interested in a private class, I am available otherwise you can check out all my classes that will be starting on April 7th at Shipwreck Beads.

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  1. Hi Dana! Wow, you can come and teach me to wirewrap like that ANYtime! Gorgeous! Ontario isn't TOO far to drive, is it? :-) Thanks for your nice comments on my BSBP blog!



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