Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's in a Bag?

I can tell you that my bag is my most frustrating thing ever. I seem to never have the right size or color, style, type of material or something and I end up going and buying something else that I think I'll like. I don't like heavy bags so that limits what I will carry to small light weight bags and then I can't seem to get all my stuff in them. This is a big worry to my husband as I just either make or buy more bags....I have a limit on shoes but not bags. LOL. I think he is wishing he had put the limit on bags now. Ha ha too bad.

So, back to the reason for my ranting, I purchased a Miche bag several years ago at our local fair. Carried it for 6 months or so and then decided it just didn't work for me, too small, stuff kept falling out, etc. A month ago a friend of mine asks if I would attend a Miche Bag party....who knew they were still around and now gaining popularity, well I told her I would come to hers but I already had a bag and didn't especially like it. "Oh, but now they have two new sizes and they have fixed the problem at the top of the bag and they are just so much better" she said. So, I went to their web site to check out the new styles of covers and sizes. They seem to be better and they do have a bigger bag, kind of like a tote bag. If you have never seen or heard of these bags you can check them out on their web site

Okay, I keep getting side tracked. Last night my friend and her husband came over for dinner and she had one of the new "standard" bags and yes they had fixed the top but just wait, she opens her bag and out pops a liner with all her stuff. What a great idea when you want to change purses. I'm sure you can now guess where this is going, yes, I made myself a liner. It fits inside my Miche bag and several other bags I own so it is very versatile. The Miche folks have one that they sell, smaller but it has more pockets. I used some scrap fabric and pieced these two together. I like the black and white one but I messed up on the pocket, and the tabs were too big so the second one fixed those problems. I'm not crazy about the color but who cares, they go inside a bag and you really don't see that much of them.

Now I will be tempted to buy more covers and possibly that bigger bag tomorrow night at her party....oh, what have I gotten myself into.

If you are looking for the Bead Soup Party blog and my giveaway you can check it out HERE.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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