Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Remodeling

This week has been an up and down week. We are planning our office remodel...what you say do you remodel in an office. Well, this is our only spare bedroom and guess what? No bed. So we are hiring a furniture/cabinet maker to make a Murphy bed with a small wardrobe along with a built in desk and overhead cabinets. To do this we must empty that room, rip up the carpet, take the paneling off the walls, repaint and then refinish the hardwoods. Now we won't be doing all this, we do have a contractor, but we haven't contacted him yet. We will get the room emptied out and rip up the carpet ourselves but we will have the contractors do the rest.

So much to do and then today our new blinds and drapery panels were installed in the living room and dining room. Unfortunately the valance did not come out quite right so they took it back and will be fixing it, but that didn't stop me from taking photos to share with you.

Before - tackie sheers in the living room as we took the heavy drapes off years ago and  nothing in the dining room including privacy.

Now - we got the type of blinds that you can draw from the top or bottom and, as you can see, the reason we did this in the living room on top of the sofa. This is Leo's favorite place to view the world and keep intruders out. I'm not sure where Buddy was when I took this but there was some snow on the ground so he was probably outside,

The color of the drapery panels is actually a tiny stripe with rust, green and gold but you can't tell from a distance.

Just had to throw in a doggie picture. Leo decided to attack Buddy for a some reason. Who knows but that was our day.


  1. What a beautiful home you have Dana! The new curtains are great! and you'll love your new murphy bed--we have two! The people at Maui Closet who made our beds come up with the most wonderful designs. Just tell them what you want and they fit it all in. Enjoy your remodeling!

  2. Hello! You have very beautyful home and your blog is really great too! What about following each other? Whit best regards, Margit :)



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