Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is it Sunday Already?

Where does the weekend go? I just seem to squander it away and then before you know it Monday is here. Yesterday I worked on my Bead Soup....oh what fun and I made several pieces. Sorry I can't show them to you yet but I will soon. Let's just say they aren't my usual style, although I'm really not sure what my style is anymore. I'll have to think about that a bit more as my tastes in jewelry change.

Today we are going to visit a friend in Seattle and then to take the kids out for dinner. Grandson is having a b-day tomorrow and it's best to do the celebrating on the weekend.

I will share my Art Charms for the Celtic swap and Steampunk/Found object swap that I'll be mailing out tomorrow. Once I had the ideas for them, they worked up pretty fast. The Celtic ones are shamrocks with either a copper flower charm, green crystal or pearl dangle. Then I made a pocket to hold the charm out of fabric and vintage images of Irish music or postcards. Lots of fun.

I signed up for the Steampunk charms thinking this is going to be fun and then the swap details indicated we needed to use a found object in the charm...ugg, I really don't like abiding by rules but I did it. Most of my found objects came from my hubby's tool chest in the garage (don't tell him). Then I made a new little Steampunk card to attach to the charms with a cute little gal on it. I think when we just do the Steampunk theme I'll have more freedom to explore this theme a little bit more since I couldn't use the jewelry findings I had specifically for this.

The next charm swap I signed up for is Adopt-A-Ancestor. It is a B&W color theme in which you have to use a vintage image or photo in the charm. I have the images and I think I'm going to do some soldered charms for this one.

Okay, time to fix lunch before we leave. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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  1. I agree--where DOES the weekend fly off to? It seems to take its time to get here and then *blink* it's gone!

    My bead soup is also finished--and not my usual style. This is going to be too much fun to see all the unusual and different sets! I love the Bead Soup Party!



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