Friday, January 28, 2011

On a Roll

Well once I figured out what my Celtic Green/Copper art charms would be I just sat down and made them all. Yep, no worrying about them or fussing over them, just got them done. Now I have a sense of accomplishment. Here is a picture of the little shamrocks, some wrapped with copper and there is another piece to them that I'm not going to share at this point as it will be a surprise to the art charmers participating in this swap.

I have a ton of my wine glass cozies finished and quite a few started for the Spring Barrel Tasting. This year we will be going to the Walla Walla area vs. Yakima and it doesn't start until the first weekend of May so I have lots of time.

Next on my list is to finish up a couple of tree special orders and a necklace for a friend of mine, start on the Hampton Fat book pages, make some Victorian folding fans for a ladies luncheon, make one more altered Altoids tin and figure out what to do for my Found Object/Steam punk charm swap. I'm not sure how I get into these messes but you got to love it.
This is one of the necklaces that I finished for a friend. Emeralds, sterling silver chain, oxidized silver chain, black enamel chain, vintage enamel piece, some brass chain and grosgrain ribbon woven through stainless steel chain at the back. Definitely a statement piece but it look gorgeous on.

We have a gem and mineral club meeting tonight and I'll be teaching my wire wrapped beach glass. If you want to find out more about these or see the picture tutorial click HERE. They are fast and easy to make with just some copper core wire.

Have a great Friday evening and weekend.

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