Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Items for Sale

I finally posted some new jewelry to my ArtFire shop. Felt good to get some new items out there vs. just looking at them in my studio. They certainly weren't going to sell there. Here are just a few of the necklaces. Bracelets get photographed and posted tomorrow.

In my last post I mentioned that I started working on altering altoid tins for an upcoming swap. It is proving to be so much fun.

The rules where to decorate the outside and add goodies to the inside. I created a couple of matchbook notepads for one tin and the other one holds a mini scrapbook with embellishments. I still have one more to do and I think I want to try something different. Maybe a mini sewing kit or I could fill it with beaded treasures. Anybody have any ideas?

My desk has been such a mess with paper from the paper charm swap and now paint and paper for the altered tins that I just had to clean it off this afternoon and do something different. Out came the sewing machine and material and luckily I already had some pieces cut out for wine glass cozies. And now I can hear you asking what is a wine glass cozy and why would you need one. Well each year my family meets up in Eastern Washington and does the Spring Barrel tasting. If you have never been to an event such as this you might not be able to imagine a ton of people drinking wine and walking between the different wineries. Lots of buses, limos and large vans carting people all around and wine flowing liberally, so you have to keep track of your glass.

As you can see you can wear it around you neck never to get lost in the crowd again. 

Last year I made about 12 or 13 extra and sold all of them so this year I plan to make 20 extra and hopefully sell all of them again. In fact, I need to check the dates of the event and get it on our calendar.

Have a great week.

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  1. Now those tins are lovely. Since I'm such a bead addict, I would say fill them up with beads! However the practical Capricorn side of me says the mini sewing kit would be dandy handy! :D



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