Friday, February 17, 2012

New Design Opportunity

Had to post this exciting opportunity. Suburban Girl Studio's is looking for 4 more design team members, so I threw my name in the hat. Sometimes I need a jump start to designing and this would definitely push me to do more design work and not just hoard play with all my beads... lol. The first challenge would be to make something one of these wonderful flower pendants. I'm thinking an orange-turquoise mix with bronze chain or findings.

If you would like to throw you name in the hat, so to speak, jaunt on over to Suburban Girl Studio's blog and leave your witty comment. She will pick on Wednesday the 22nd.

Today I ventured out to the mall. Now if you know me, you know I don't just go to the mall to shop that often and especially not on a Friday. So I did have lunch with a friend today at Panera Bread and since I was there thought I would stroll around. Okay now I remember why I don't go to the mall on a Friday. Really does anyone work on Friday anymore? There were more people there then I have seen in a long time... not including Christmas season. I decided I needed to replace my mixer and have been stumped as to what type of mixer to buy or to get one of those immersion blenders. I can not believe the cr@p I saw for mixers. Cheap, cheap, cheap plastic and if it wasn't the cheap plastic 3 speed then it was the overpriced 7 speed. Really $70 for a hand mixer.

I've been using my hand mixer for blending my lotion blends and the last batch I found some of the metal plating chipped off in the lotion. I was able to pick it out but what if that had been in a cake mix or something... yuk. I'm thinking the immersion blender would be better for mixing the lotion but not for making mashed potatoes or cake mixes but have you seen those? Okay, same reaction to these as the hand mixers. I did find one that had all these handy dandy attachments but I don't think so for $99.

So, I'm in a quandary. What should I do, get a cheap version of both, or a more expensive mixer or immersion blender? What do you use and do you love it?

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