Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good to be Home

Well last week we escaped the dust, noise and mess of the renovations and headed to the beach. We thought it was supposed to be a nice week but I don't think it ever got over 57 degrees and it's mid July.  We were turning on the heat at times just to get warm. It was not my idea of a fun filled beach trip. I did get several gem trees made during my boring hours since I couldn't work on my tan. We headed back on Friday to check on the progress of the house, take showers and then head off to Tenino for a gem and mineral show. When we got back to town it was warm, this didn't bode well for the gem and mineral show where some years it hit over 100. Way too hot. Usually we don't take the motor home to the Tenino show as it is only an hour away but with the mess at the house we decided to just stay there and dry camp. It was a good idea as we did get to relax a bit and not be on the highway twice a day but it was warm. On Saturday it reached 91 and today about 87. We did have a good show, sold some gem trees and gem tree kits, plus I was able to teach 4 kids how to make trees, which is what I really like to do.

Now back home. Kitchen is completely finished including all the trim work and the dining room hard wood floors have been fixed, sanded and varnished. Yes, it is good to be home.

Relaxing with the dogs in the motor home at the beach.

One of my favorite shots as the sun goes down.

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