Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Sneak Peak

I've made contact with my bead partner for the Bead Soup Party....this is going to be fun. Since she may be reading this I'm only giving you a sneak peak at her package of beads that she gets to work with.
Okay that's all you get to see. When I get my package I'll take a photo of all the lovelies before I make it into something.

Now we are onto the planning of our kitchen renovation. Wow, can you say spending big bucks. We have been saving thank heavens but still to do it up right it's going to take a bite out of our savings. Stopped at a kitchen and bath store in downtown today and the folks there were very prompt at coming by the house and providing a bid for the cabinets and granite counter top. My main concern now is will my new coffeepot fit under the cabinets without having to pull it out each time I want to fill it. LOL.
I never thought I would be designing my kitchen around an appliance, but it is my new favorite toy. I think I've had enough caffeine today to last me awhile but I've tried the packaged coffee, my Folgers coffee in the pod I can fill, the pre-packaged English Breakfast tea for iced tea this afternoon and then I made another glass of tea using the pod and some Lipton tea that I had on hand.  I couldn't tell any difference in the tea but I preferred the pre-packaged coffee which was and extra bold organic one. We have lots more to try including the flavored coffee and hot cocoa. Oh, if you can't tell this is an Cuisinart and it uses the K-cups that you see in the picture. We had been looking at these type of coffee makers for awhile but this one spoke to us and we just had to buy it. So far I'm glad we did. Now if I can just go to sleep tonight.



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