Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Weekend Gone!

Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday it was just Monday and the week was starting. This week just went by too fast. I can't even remember what I did this week that made it go by so fast. That is so sad when life becomes a blur. Oh well, there is always this week to look forward to. I purchased a new sewing machine. Yes, I finally broke down and bought me a nice one. It is a Husqvarna Viking and runs like a gem. Wow, I didn't know what I was missing using that old 70's vintage machine. This one has some really nice bells and whistles too.

From this:

To This:

What an impressive machine. It has all these decorative stitches and I can even sign my name. Now I wonder if my sewing will improve with the improved machine? I guess you know what I'll be doing this week.

In other news I received my box of bead goodies from my bead soup partner. More of those pics to follow tomorrow.  They are very yummy and I can't wait to starting making something out of them. This will definitely be something I will keep for myself.

Oh, the joys of having too much to do and wanting to do it all.

Have a good week and be sure to come back tomorrow.

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